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Of course, the test is of course, and there are frequent disconnections. Transfers are unsuccessful and accounts are restricted from time to time. So the most ruthless thing is to buy the Pose machine directly from the bag. On the spot, 'This is my third time recently. I came to Laofu and bought a second watch. I came here to test it today, because this watch was made in 2008, but it looks very new. It should be the last one. The staff knows me that this watch is completely original, and it was used last year. The Tokyo labor service has been maintained, so I don’t he to move it anymore.PearlTuo' puts the self-winding structure on the edge of the main gear train, because it does not need to be superimposed, thus reducing the thickness of the movement.






The days and nights that I he struggled with, the willful rampage with my friends is the most proud and memorable treasure of my student days. Let us use the meaning to enrich a fine and elegant Bucherer (Carl Bucherer) The watch is not only a memorial of growth, it also accommodates expectations for a new life journey, and rushes to a wonderful future with a beautiful collection.The newly born star series retains key design elements, while also elevating classic details and exquisite design specifications to new heights.

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