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The sapphire glass is as clean as a spring, but has an ultra-high hardness second only to natural diamonds. It can easily cope with all kinds of friction and bumps in work and life, and it can be as clean as new by simple cleaning, and it will shine on the wrist all the time.I don’t want to forget that the second-line management of the website is only the management of most violent incidents in this area, but in fact the second-line may also become the source of information, such as the location of the website.






But in fact, a homemade movement is definitely not a good movement. The development, design and production of a good movement requires time and experience accumulation. It cannot be done by spending money on the equipment and hing a senior watchmaker complete it in a short time. It can be done even if it is not accurate to one micron. Affect viewing time. (The self-produced movement is like the movement of Rolex and Omega, starting at about 40,000)When you need to adjust the time (hand setting) of a Rolex watch, you should fully pull the crown to the third gear, and then turn the handle to set the hand. But in order to align the time, usually when the second hand moves to 12 o'clock on the hour, then pull the crown to the third gear. At this time, the power is cut off and the seconds are stopped, and then the hours and minutes are aligned according to the standard time. When the seconds of the standard time reaches 12 o'clock on the hour, push the crown back to the first gear position, and the circuit is turned on. The hands of the watch can run synchronously with the standard time.

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